Edinburgh's amazing attractions

The Hub seen from Edinburgh Castle (composite)

Discover the incredible attractions of Scotland's walkable and utterly beguiling capital. Edinburgh's many attractions stretch from centuries-old cobbled streets and wynds (narrow alleys).

From the compact Old Town to the gracious Georgian squares and the wide streets with sandstone houses of the New Town. From the cliffs of Arthur's Seat to the harbor of Leith.

So, if you like royalty, castles, contemporary art or pub crawls, come in Contact Latitude Travel! If you are thinking of visiting in August, when the city turns into one big party, do so well in advance to guarantee reservations at the best establishments.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh attractions: Edinburgh castle

Topping the list of Edinburgh's biggest attractions, this military fortress has stood among the black cliffs of Castle Rock for almost a thousand years. Its purpose was to repel invaders marching from England and also to serve as a royal residence.

Plus, don't miss the prisons recreated inside the castle vaults. The Honours of Scotland (the crown jewels of Scotland) and the Stone of Destiny on display inside the Royal Palace, St Margaret's Romanesque chapel (the oldest building in Edinburgh) or the pageantry of the One O'Clock Gun.

Edinburgh Attractions: Writers' Museum

If you're a devotee of Scottish literary giants Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott, follow a narrow passage between the Royal Mile and the Mound that takes you to this immersive museum inside the 17th-century Lady Stair's House.

A museum for diehard fans, it allows you to wander the premises, examining the writers' original manuscripts, as well as personal effects and first editions of Scott's Waverley and Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses.

The real Mary King's Close

Edinburgh Attractions: Mary King's Close

A walk through this underground labyrinth - a medieval alleyway in the Old Town that has been perfectly preserved for more than 250 years under the foundations of the Town Hall - is justifiably one of Edinburgh's top attractions.

Costumed actors regale you with horrifying and ghostly stories as they lead you through a plague-stricken 17th-century mortician's house and a 16th-century house, among other buildings. Some visitors claim to have seen the ghost of a child named Annie in one of the rooms.

Scottish Parliament Building

Opinion is sharply divided over the aesthetic appeal of the headquarters of Scotland's devolved government, opened by the Royal Family in 2004. This Edinburgh attraction is worth seeing for yourself.

During one of the free hour-long tours, you can admire the asymmetrical panels on the main facade, the three-arched concrete ceiling of the Great Hall, and the oddly shaped windows on the west wall, which pay homage to one of the world's most famous paintings. famous in Scotland. To watch a parliamentary debate in session, book a ticket to the Debating Chamber.

Holyroodhouse Palace

holyroodhouse castle

If you like gossip involving royalty, intrigue and terrible murders, this place is definitely for you. It was the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland, but this little fact takes a backseat to the story of the ill-fated 16th century Scottish monarch – Mary, Queen of Scots.

Inside this beautiful building, you can visit the bedroom where a pregnant Mary was kept imprisoned by her second husband, who had her favorite secretary, David Rizzio, murdered next door in a fit of jealousy. Likewise, don't miss the Great Gallery, full of portraits of Scotland's monarchs through the ages. Make sure your visit does not coincide with that of the Royal Family, as the palace is closed to visitors.

Edinburgh Attractions: Arthur's Seat

Located in Holyrood Park, this is a craggy reminder that Edinburgh was built on a long-extinct volcano. It is also the highest point in the city, at 251m. There, university graduates celebrated by carving their names into rock, and where locals bring their dogs during Sunday walks.

Sit back and daydream as you take in the panorama of the city and the Highlands on the horizon. Several trails cross the site; the walk takes around 45 minutes to the top from Holyrood.

Our Dynamic Earth Museum

Our Dynamic Earth

It is designed to teach young people about the environmental and geological wonders of our planet. This futuristic attraction is one of Edinburgh's top attractions for families.

The multimedia exhibits inside this huge white tent are an enjoyable ride from the Big Bang to the 21st century. Highlights include presentations about dinosaurs, as well as 3D movies on various topics.

National Museum of Scotland

Spread over two buildings - a contemporary, fortress-like honey-colored sandstone construction, and a 19th-century Victorian building concealing an impressive wrought-iron and glass atrium.

This fantastic Edinburgh museum is an enjoyable stroll through the history of Scotland, from its first inhabitants, through industrialization and fashion through the ages, to the cloned sheep Dolly. Still find artifacts from the Islamic world, ancient Egypt, China, and more in the Victorian building.

The Scottish Whisky Experience

If you have even a passing interest in Scotland's national drink, pop into this multimedia center just outside the walls of Edinburgh Castle to learn all about whiskey making, from barley to bottle.

So the immersive experience engages all your senses, and highlights include viewing the largest collection of single malts in the world and tasting some of them (the exact number depends on which tour you choose).

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

A few miles south of Edinburgh, this intricate 15th century chapel deserves your time. Rosslyn is arguably the most beautiful church in Scotland, with impressive architectural features.

Then don't miss the spectacular vaulted ceiling, the upside-down Lucifer in the Lady Chapel, or the Green Man - a pagan symbol of spring - also in the Lady Chapel.

Edinburgh Zoo

Finally, another stellar Edinburgh attraction: one of the world's leading conservation zoos. In addition to the different climate zones dedicated to creatures from various corners of the Earth, there's the fun penguin parade, and you can see the zoo's most famous residents: the giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

The zoo's captive breeding program has helped bring, among many species, red pandas, Siberian tigers and pygmy hippos back from extinction.



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