Services of a concierge: maximize your travel experience

Concierge services

You can take advantage of the services of a concierge to enhance your travel experiences. Although this profession is not well known to the general public, many customers are becoming familiar with it and have adopted this solution for less worry and more convenience during their travels.

In this article, we will cover this topic and talk about how the concierge profession works and how it can maximize your travel experience. Read on and learn more about the wonders of this service!

What is a concierge?

The concierge is a profession in the luxury market, providing everything from simple services to more elaborate ones.

The function originated in the hotel industry, but today it is already found in many segments, such as restaurants, shopping malls, condominiums, corporate organizations, and others.

This professional can also work in tourism or executive travel. He or she can act as a guide, suggesting sightseeing and dining options, and doing other work, as we will see below.

How can a concierge maximize your travel experience?

The concierge can make your travel experience more interesting as he/she can take care of tasks such as buying tickets for some event (concert, play, lecture), making reservations at hotels and restaurants, giving relevant information about sights, geography, history and culture of the place and other things.

They can also arrange itineraries and activities for the period the client is traveling, as well as arrange transportation, such as a rental car or cab. He can also take responsibility for luggage transfer services from one point to another. 

The possibilities are many. The concierge is like a handyman that makes the client's routine smoother, less stressful, more comfortable. Let's look at some more specific services that the concierge performs and maximizes your travel experience:

  • accommodation;
  • tickets for events, such as concerts and games;
  • chauffeur services, airport transfers or tour buses;
  • restaurants;
  • personal assistance;
  • organization of events;
  • customized travel itineraries and packages (including purchase/exchange of airline tickets);
  • tours;
  • tourist information;
  • organization of visits to art galleries or jewelry stores;
  • purchase of flowers.


How to find a reliable concierge?

Reliable concierge

To find a reliable concierge, you need to find a reliable company that is well reputed. Since it is not yet a widely publicized and popularized service, you may have a little difficulty in this regard.

It is necessary that the professional goes through a good training to ensure high qualification. He is not a simple secretary: he is a very specialized, high-level secretary.

One way to ensure that you hire the best professionals is to look for companies that specialize in facilities management, in outsourcing services.

Ask the company for documents, such as certifications, to confirm that the employees working as concierge are really qualified. 

Search the Internet for agencies that specialize in travel management, especially to foreign countries. Agencies specializing in corporate travel and tourism can offer qualified professionals to perform the role of personalized concierge. In this way, the person will have their main needs and wishes fulfilled.

It is important that the concierge knows at least one foreign language. After all, in international trips, this knowledge will certainly be useful for the person who does not have a complete command of the language of the country he or she is traveling to.

Another point worth considering is the 24-hour service, i.e. the customer will have the concierge services at his disposal whenever he wants or needs them.

How does concierge provide travel services?

To understand, suppose you are going to travel to the UK. There are many interesting and famous tourist spots, such as Fort William and the Isle of Skye.

Common destinations include the capital of England (London), Edinburgh, Manchester, the Lake District, York, Cornwall, and the English Riviera. When you hire the services of a specialized agency, you will have a concierge in each of these destinations to provide personalized service.

In each of these cities or locations, the concierge will be on hand to arrange tours, inform you about opening hours of venues and visits to certain places, buy tickets, provide itineraries, arrange transportation, and so on. 

Thus, the experience of traveling in the UK will be much more enjoyable, will be better enjoyed. You will have in your hands the best itinerary to follow, in order to enjoy what the country or the city really offers the best.

Concierge agencies usually have partners both within and outside the country. In the UK, for example, we can mention the Meliá White House, a luxury hotel located next to Regent's Park.

Regent's Park is one of London's most beloved parks. In the past it was part of the estates of the Dukes of Portland. It was also once the private hunting ground of King Henry VIII. It became a place open to the public in 1838.

The Meliá White House has a fully equipped gym, nine event rooms prepared to hold up to 180 people, as well as places for gastronomy, such as the Arado Restaurant and Bar & Lounge 35. 

The same thing happens with other destinations, whether in Brazil or abroad. There are concierges waiting for you and different partners, such as hotels and resorts.

How to get the most out of the travel concierge?

To make your travel experience truly unforgettable, it is important, first of all, to decide where you want to go, what the destination will be. Maybe you want to get to know a place in Brazil that you still do not know. Maybe you want to go further afield, visiting countries in Europe, for example.

It is essential to count on the services of a good travel agency, which offers personalized and qualified concierges - after all, their knowledge and skills will be decisive to guarantee a good travel experience. Check for the possibility of obtaining discounts on lodging and air or bus travel.

At your destination, try to organize your time so that you can enjoy as many opportunities as possible in as short a time as possible. Also consider the possibilities of saving money on visits, events, shopping, and travel. For all this, the knowledge and guidance of a concierge can make the difference. 

One should consider that this professional is highly valuable to promote tours, visits, access to the best places and accommodations, as well as to help the customer to spend without having to waste.

In short, a concierge can transform your travel experience! And that's what you probably want. Whether it is a business trip or a leisure trip, they will be a valuable partner for you.

On your next trip, try the services of a concierge! Also take the opportunity to get to know us better. Visit, read our posts, and follow us on the social networks. We are present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.


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