Why Hire a Local Tour Guide for Your Next Trip

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Tourism is one of the most profitable economic activities in the world, which is not surprising, since people love to travel and get to know different places, both inside and outside Brazil.

To make the most of a tourist trip, it is recommended to have the services of a professional tour guide, who guides the traveler about the most interesting points of a country, state, city or specific location.

However, there are different types of tour guides, one of them being the local tour guide. In this post, we will cover this subject in detail. Read on and learn more about it!

What is a local tour guide?

The local tour guide is linked to the local inbound tour operator. Inbound tourism is tourism that takes place in the place being visited.

It is a service specialized in receiving tourists, on business or for pleasure, in order to provide services according to their needs.  

Local agencies are known in English as Destination Management Companies (DMC).  

In order for the inbound tourism of a place to develop, it is necessary to consider some aspects that represent attraction to tourists. Among them, we can mention:

  • natural resources;
  • historical resources;
  • cultural resources;
  • tourism promotions;
  • easy access;
  • basic and complementary infrastructure;
  • favorable living conditions of the local community;
  • business centers;
  • strategic geographic position.  

What services does the local tourist guide offer?

The agency offers the tourist traveler orientation services, destination-specific products, and information about the region. It is a consultancy that makes the trip easier and more enjoyable. The local tour guide acts in a personalized way, offering services such as:

  • transfer of the tourist between the airport and the hotel;
  • customized guided tours for as long as the tourist wants;
  • transportation with safe, air-conditioned, and comfortable transportation;
  • information about local risks;
  • detailed itinerary planning to improve time and choice of attractions;;
  • suggestion of places of stores, restaurants, attractions according to the client's profile;
  • advance ticket purchase;
  • solving unforeseen problems with hotels, flights, or any other unexpected event.

All these services must be combined with high quality service and entertainment novelties according to the customer's expectations.  

What are the most popular tourism destinations?

There are many destinations within Brazil, but there are many options outside the country as well. We can mention Ireland, the United Kingdom and Portugal on the European continent.

Starting a local incoming tour operator in the cities of these countries will make the tourist's routine easier. It seeks to maximize the customer's experience during the trip.

The local tour guide can arrange business events and meeting rooms, as well as sightseeing activities around the main points of the city.

Generally, incoming tour operators are limited to offering transfers, city tours, traditional tours conducted mostly in minibuses or vans, and hotel reservations.

To differentiate themselves, the local incoming operators must go beyond, formatting products, offering complementary services, and promotional activities. This way, the DMC can surprise.  

The intention of the DMC is to offer different travel experiences for people who travel for leisure or even business. Consequently, it pleases the client, customizing the services for any personal demand.  

Therefore, it is worth looking for a specialized travel company that offers a qualified local tour guide. Let's talk more about this point in the next topic.

Choose local tour operator

How important is it to choose a good local incoming tour operator?

local incoming tour operator that is committed to sustainability - a relevant concern of modern companies, which also becomes a great differential.

It is also recommended to look for an agency that has an effective commitment to the services it provides to the client. It must be responsible for promoting responsible tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism launched the Responsible Tourism seal, a program that defines efficient hygiene practices for each segment of the sector. The seal is a stimulus for people to feel safe while traveling. In this way, Brazil positions itself as a responsible destination that has the best protections.

Responsible tourism aims to respect the environment, the economy, and the local society of the destination. It is a way to travel and explore a destination while respecting the culture, the people, and the environment.

For responsible tourism to exist, it is essential that local communities, governments, and hotels, as well as tourists, shoulder responsibility and take actions that make tourism more sustainable.

Advantages of choosing a good local tour operator:

  • customization: trip itinerary according to the tourist's needs: family trip, alone, spouse/partner, friends; lodging standard (economy, sophisticated, luxury, rustic); reason for the trip (rest, party, sports, culture, romance); travel preferences (walking, driving a vehicle, regular tours, private transfer, cycling);
  • agility: well elaborated itinerary, with all the necessary information, quick answers to requests;
  • WoW moments: it is important to go beyond conventional tours in vans with the right to take pictures - more interactivity with the environment is fundamental to make the trip more enjoyable and unforgettable;
  • Added value: the good agency adds value to the services, offering options of activities for the customer to choose before leaving home (this way, the tourist saves time and money, since the local incoming operator usually offers much more attractive prices to the partner travel agencies);
  • easy relationship and communication: with the local operator, the communication channel of the tourist is closer, thus making it easier to change the itinerary and solve eventual problems.


In Brazil, there are still few well-structured organizations, considering the diversified service portfolio, as well as advanced management and marketing tools. Finally, it is essential to research and hire the services of a reliable local receptive operator, which provides a qualified local tour guide, able to pass on valuable information to the tourist.

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